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Do you need accurate accounts preparation?

We take the time to explain your accounts to you so that you understand what is going on financially within your business, helping you to plan for the future. We do more than just repeat the history of what has already happened…

Prepare Accounts

Accounts preparation in Swansea & Neath to help in completion of self-assessment tax returns

Produce Financial Statements

To file at Companies House and abridged accounts to ensure the minimum amount of your financial information is made public

Work to your Timescales

Accounts Preparation in Swansea & Neath to agreed timescales and deadlines.

Minimising tax liability

Identify areas where we can assist in minimising your tax liability

Make improvements

Identify areas of the business that give you the most opportunity to make improvements

Help meet your goals

Use the accounts to help you measure where you are in meeting your goals and what actions you need to take


Don’t take the risk, get covered with Fee Protection

HMRC has powers to investigate income tax and corporation tax payers at random. With the ever increasing risks of full tax enquiries and investigations, it’s worth considering protecting yourself from the accountancy costs of dealing with it as the amount of work involved is often substantial. We cannot prevent you from being investigated by the Taxman, but we can help to ensure that you get the best possible support and advice without having to worry about the cost.

Employment Status Disputes

Repairs v Capital Disputes

Private Usage Adjustments

Capital Allowances

Settlements legistlation


Let us handle your Accounts Preparation

The following are the main reasons why you will be required by law to have a statutory audit…

You are a PLC or a banking, insurance or finance company (or a subsidiary of one of these).

You are required by your professional or trade organisation to have your accounts audited. Your shareholders do not agree to opting out of the audit. However, companies (including LLP’s) are exempt from having a statutory audit if they meet 2 of the 3 following conditions…

Your turnover is below £10.2 million. Your balance sheet total is below £5.1 million. You have less than 50 employees