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Why should you outsource your payroll?

Outsourcing payroll can be a great way for your business to save time and money. With a fully managed payroll service, your business can access cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to focus on your core business activities while reducing the burden of managing payroll.  

Furthermore, outsourcing can provide greater accuracy in processing payments and filing taxes, as well as ensuring compliance with guidelines. With the help of our experienced team of professionals who between them have over 80 years of payroll experience, you can rest assured that your payroll is in good hands. 

With offices based in Swansea and Neath our team are available for face-to-face meetings as well as remote consultations. 

how we manage your payroll



  • ZSetting up and registering PAYE schemes with HMRC.
  • ZEmployee payslips including e-payslips.
  • ZMonthly summaries.
  • ZDealing with leavers and starters.
  • ZProvision of analysis of staff costs.
  • ZReal Time Information (RTI) PAYE returns for HRMC.
  • ZAssistance with automated payment set-up for your employees.
  • ZCIS checks and returns.
  • ZProduce employee forms P11D and P9D benefit, and expenses returns and the related tax planning advice.
  • ZEnd of year procedures including producing of forms P60 and final submission to HMRC Assisting with the setting up of pension schemes to ensure compliance with auto enrolment rules.
  • ZUploading regular pension data files to the pension providers.
  • ZFiling Declaration of Compliance to the Pension Regulator.
  • ZProviding advice on fast moving and complicated legislation changes.
  • ZLiaising with HMRC on all payroll related matters, to help resolve any issues and grievances.

Client Testimonial

I’ve had the pleasure of working with WBV for the past few years, and I can confidently say they are unparalleled in their dedication to their clients.

From the moment we engaged their services, I was impressed by their commitment to understanding my business’s unique needs and goals.

What sets WBV apart is their personal approach. They don’t just see you as another number; they take the time to build a relationship and truly understand your financial situation.

Their team goes above and beyond to provide tailored solutions and advice, ensuring that every aspect of my accounting needs is addressed with precision and care.

Moreover, their expertise is second to none. I have complete confidence in their abilities to handle even the most complex financial matters with utmost professionalism and accuracy. They have consistently delivered exceptional results, saving me time and money while ensuring compliance and maximising efficiency.

Stephen Williams, Consumer Energy Solutions


How can our PAYE health check help your business?

A PAYE health check is a review of a business’s Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system. This health check is designed to ensure that your business is complying with its legal obligations and making correct payments to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

  • ZWBV Swansea can ensure your business is compliant with its legal obligations and avoid penalties for non-compliance.
  • ZWe can help identify areas where your business can improve its processes and increase efficiency, such as identifying errors in payroll or reducing administrative burdens.
  • ZBy identifying potential overpayments or underpayments, a PAYE health check can help your business save money on tax and National Insurance contributions.
  • ZA PAYE health check can help your business prepare for any potential audits or inspections from HMRC, by ensuring that your PAYE system is up to date and compliant with current regulations.
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